30 March 2010

Monday Artday .::. Awake

 Is there anything more horrible than a mosquito keeping you awake? You get out of bed and try to catch it, but you can´t see it, so you go back to bed, and this little beast keeps buzzing like he is on a mission, so you try to catch it again and this goes on all night, until you go crazy. I hate mosquitos so much!

happy chinchilla

21 March 2010

Illustration Friday : : Expired

Taking Monty Python´s sketch as inspiration, I illustrated an ex-bunny. Oh well.. all is part of the circle of life, some bunny expires in the woods and some plant blossom thanks to him.

Inspirandome en el sketch de Monty Python, illustré un ex-conejo. Bueno… todo es parte del cirulo de la vida, un conejito muere en el bosque y algunas plantas crecen gracias a él.

17 March 2010

Illustration Friday :: Subterranean

What goes underneath our floors? who knows. Ever wonder why socks go missing? Maybe there´s a subterranean gang of criminals at work.

Que pasa por debajo de nuestro piso? quién sabe. Haz pensado porque se pierden las medias? Tal vez hay una pandilla de criminales subterráneos trabajando.

.: Castaway :.

Always be aware of your surrounding, specially if your on a cruise to a desert island.

Siempre hay que estar consciente de sus alrededores, especialmente si estas en un crucero a una isla desierta.

10 March 2010

:: Flea Circus ::

An illustration for Monday Artday, the topic this week is circus. I have never seen a flea circus, and I don´t really know if they actually exist. The fleas come from an older illustration, you can see it here. Although they were not so active in that illustration, they were kind of dying.

happy chinchilla

07 March 2010

Illustration Friday : : Brave

Bravery is ignoring the monster all around you. Being brave is to keep going after catching a glimpse of something frightening.
Valentía es ignorar los monstrouso alrededor. Ser valiente es continuar después de percibir algo aterrador.

happy chinchilla

04 March 2010

::. E is for... Ecstasy .::

My entry for this week´s challenge at Sugar Frosted Goodness. The challenge is “E is for…”. Bunnies are known for their search of happiness, at least my bunnies are, and this one is in total ecstasy.

Mi entrga para el desafío de esta semana en Sugar Frosted Goodness. El desafío es “E es para…”. Los conejos son conocidos por su búsqueda de la felicidad, o por lo menos los míos, y este esta en éxtasis total.

happy chinchilla